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The Omega Point Academy

Enlightening the World

The Omega Point Academy offers adult educational programs to guide you in the discovery of your true potential as a human and as a spiritual being.

These experiential and cognitive programs light the way towards reclaiming our spiritual heritage as mystics, sages and healers.

mentor and mentee relationships

A healer is not someone you go to for healing, but someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself.



The OPA Curriculum

Designed to empower yourself and lead others.

beyond convention there is a new world

The OPA Curriculum is designed to build on and strengthen existing skills. No previous experience is necessary to begin your exploration of self, and you are free to go as far as is comfortable for you.


a free 40 day guided exploration of your inner world


self-paced video courses


self-paced programs


in-person training at Intro or Intensive level


in-person advanced work for Next Step grads


tailored single or multiple sessions for your group

Group Experiences

group experiences
advanced training

Advanced Trainings


available for grads of Mystic Warrior


upcoming book & trainings

The OPA Curriculum is designed to build on and strengthen existing skills. No previous experience is necessary to begin your exploration of self, and you are free to go as far as is comfortable for you.

Image by Despina Galani
  • next step weekends

    The Omega Point Program was launched in April of 2020 in response to the Covid lockdown. This completely free set of protocols is designed to help us be with each other, in a loving and effective manner, develop a deep one on one connection and communicate in ways not usually possible in our culture.  It is a secular program not based on any religious or spiritual discipline.

    Most spiritual guidance says “Go Inside” to find your truth. 

    Unfortunately, there is little guidance available on how to “Go Inside”.  The OPP is a step by step program to take you “Inside” and guide you in finding your truth, your vision and your inner resources that will help make your vision a reality.

    How OPP works:

    • TIMING: Meet with a mentor for 20, 40 or 60 days of personal mentoring for 30 to 45 minutes per day. Shared by phone, Zoom, or in person.

    • AGENDA: Your Mentor will follow a set program designed to share skills and processes to help you grow, develop healthy relationships and establish an active inner life.

    • CONTENTS: Comprised of leading edge skills and processes, providing an effective and efficient way of facilitating yourself and others. They provide a firm foundation for any other type of healing approach.

    This Omega Point Program is a giveaway to you. Most Mentees choose to “Pass it on” to others after experiencing the program. Many participants say they learned and grew as much from mentoring as they did as a Mentee. 

    Omega Point Program

    Going Inside

  • go inside to find your truth

    The Essential Healing series is a full immersion into the OPP Healing Approach and technology. It includes a full presentation and explanation of each technique and process, taking you through each process as an opportunity to do deep healing of past traumas and childhood wounds. There are video examples of Bill Wich applying these processes in real time on real people.

    Foundational to this approach is basic communications skills that are helpful in all aspects of life. The healing processes that build on these basic skills will complement and enhance the work of facilitators, therapists and anyone working in the healing arts.


    This Program is about your inner world and how to access and navigate it through altered states to transform your life and help others transform theirs.

    Essential Healing Videos

  • There are two versions available:

    1. Next Step Training For people familiar with personal work who are ready to look deep inside themselves to find their own answers from the wisest parts of themselves.

    2. Next Step Weekend Intensive For graduates of a pre-covid Next Step Weekend, or OPP Phases 1&2, we offer a weekend of intimate small circle work - the majority of the time will be spent working in small circles, deepening the connection with the inner world.


    • Dive deeper into your inner world sanctuary in a safe and heartfelt group environment

    • Connect with others on the same path toward greater self-knowledge

    • Get advice from your wisest self, rescue lost parts, understand hidden motivations

    • Align your parts to more closely work together in support of your mission of service

    • Support others and receive unconditional support in an intimate small circle led by

           an experienced facilitator who will guide you through healing shadows & saboteurs

    Next Step Weekend Programs

    go inside to find your truth
  • mystic warrior weekends

    Mystic Warrior is an opportunity to dive deeper into the wounds and beliefs that are holding us back.  Changing our beliefs about ourselves requires choice, inner work and focus. This weekend takes us deep into our core, where we discover perpetrators and allies that mold our characters. 

    You will be put into contact with your unconscious. More importantly, you will be shown how you can use your unconscious in order to both strengthen your sense of inner identity and to harness that sense of identity to your mission in the world.

    By discovering our true essence, we can choose to empower others with our love, deeds and actions. We know when we project both our love and our shadows onto others. We know that the first works well for us, the second not at all. This training will provide you with the tools to reinvent who you can ultimately become. 

    Mystic Warrior Training Weekends

  • OPA provides on-line facilitation training programs to meet the needs of any organization interested in applying the OPP technology to their work, support groups or personal training.  


    Ranging from 1 day | 4 hour sessions all the way up to weekly 2 hr sessions that can meet for a full year.  In person weekend or week long workshops are also possible.  Our intention is always to share what we can, and in time, help your people become self-sufficient in running these workshops/support circles on their own.   


    Workshops can be focused in any number of ways:

    • To teach facilitation skills and how to run a support circle

    • To teach communication skills

    • To teach the OPP Healing approach to healers, therapists, etc.

    • To teach skills for developing a full Inner World and maintaining a daily practice of visiting with your Parts and allies. etc.

    Custom Online Trainings

    online training
  • Because of the transformative power of the OPP, many therapists and consultants have  also expressed an interest in taking their clients through this program as a paid mentor. OPA wants to encourage and help facilitate this use of the OPP through our Certification Program and Agreements.

    At this point in time, OPA does not intend to create a formal or legally binding Franchising or Licensing agreement. 


    Our priority is that the OPP be shared with the most people possible.  We want our Planet and our culture to develop herd immunity to unfulfilled lives and unrealized human potential.


    To that end, our certified mentors and companies or organizations who sponsor the OPP, are free to use the OPP materials free of charge and we will gladly welcome any and all of their OPP graduates as we do any OPP grads.  If these Mentors or companies want to contribute and help sustain our support services, then a 10% fee is greatly appreciated.

    OPA Facilitator Certification

    Omega Point Academy
  • by Bill Wich

    The universe operates according to a simple algorithm. This means that the way of the universe, the way it unfolds and continues to evolve, is by following a process, a pattern, a sequence of steps, and a set of instructions, i.e. an algorithm that we as humans can align ourselves with. ​

    When the universe is viewed through the lense of this algorithm, it becomes clear what mystics have been saying for thousands of years: Everything in the universe is connected and we are all one. A person who holds this oneness perspective is often referred to as enlightened. ​

    This book unveils this universal algorithm and shows how it is expressed in the many facets of our everyday life experiences. With this awareness and the worldview that accompanies it, all of us “not-yet-mystics” may also see our oneness and connectedness to all that is. Essentially this book provides a path to what could be called cognitive enlightenment. 

    Paradigm Omega - Book Coming Soon!

    paradigm omega book

Overview of the OPA Curriculum

I am in such deep gratitude for the opportunity to explore my inner world in this safe and compassionate manner.  It has allowed my inner child to understand more fully the effects of the historical perspective of my family interactions, my family loyalty bonds, my reactions to decisions about managing through the death and dying of my ancestors.

Amazing. Transformative. This training enabled me to love the parts of me that I have been too ashamed to even look at before.

I appreciated the opportunity to take a better look at who I am and what is my true identity. I asked myself questions that I have never asked of myself. Exploring parts of me that have been long repressed and their purpose in my life.

A safe and vulnerable container to learn the depths of self authenticity through communication and process.

I have done much work in visualizations, reframing, positive intent and echo process in my 35 year professional world and I have sporadically used Jungian Psychology in my personal life, understanding the concepts... YET altering them and using them for healing energy is a new path.

I have had some work cognitively on all these issues, yet in this model of imagination I was able to go "beyond imagination" and in doing so it allowed me to take the time and reframe my personal story.  

I have become aware of how important it is to acknowledge what ALL the parts have to say. I realize how readily I have discounted what my parts have going on and how much this contributes to my dissonance, anxiety, even states of depression.

The more I listen and honor my parts the more aligned they become. The more aligned they become the more powerful my intention and focus becomes. The more focused I am the more I am able to manifest my life."

Feedback From Participants

The tools freely given will serve me in continuing to grow in as a whole person in my life. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to better to know themselves and how they can better contribute their unique gifts to the universe.

I am encountering what I by-passed/ignored, imagined didn’t matter and finding that for me this is a surer way to love, expansion, connection, agency, empowerment because I cannot avoid myself here the way I have been most of my life.

I am much more accepting of my inner triggers, less judgmental when they pop out. I respond with more patience and self-care.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

             ~ Carl Jung

There is only one journey.

Going inside yourself.


~ Rainer Maria Rilke

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.


~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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